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We are fueled by creativity, but connected by artistry. Studio Cre8 is a platform started by Uni.Verse that allows collaborative connections amongst black creatives. We host network of designers, artists, and content creators who all contribute their talents and technical skills to Uni.Verse productions and projects.

We believe in the inherent creativity of the Black culture, and we look to create a safe space for that creativity to flourish and connect. Join our mailing list, and check out some of the special skillsets we are currently looking for below. 


come collab with us.

Thanks for submitting! We wil add you to our growing list of creators, and will hopefully connect on a project collab in the near future.

Currently looking for new creative flavors
See a position you like? 
Submit your info to the form above, and we'll reach out to connect.

Photography Assistant
You’ll be assisting our premier photographers as we create bold, beautiful imagery. Your skill set includes familiarity with lighting, set-up, flagging, gaffing and trouble shooting.

Hair Stylist
Are you allergic to buzz cuts and basic ponytails? Us too! We are looking for an imaginative hair stylist who takes pride in creating unique hair styles that are picture perfect. From afro centric, to structural precision, you are a hair guru.

Make-up Artist
This visionary being goes beyond mere foundation and lashes, and creates masterpieces for the face. We are looking for someone who is artistic and knows how to beat a mug, while also designing dreamy visions through theatrical , editorial, and sfx makeup.

Marketing Machine
You know social media like the back of your right hand, and consumer engagement like the front of your left. We’re looking for a person capable of social media management and engagement, but also someone forward enough to help us reach those who need to hear us the most.

Project Coordinator 
You are Uni.Verse's first point of contact, and the glue that keeps us running smooth. You’re a natural problem solver and are good at keeping things organized.

Brand Ambassadors 
Calling out to the content creators, influencers and generally creative beings. Become a brand ambassador for Uni.Verse Studio, and dive into the creative energy.

Account Coordinator
Sales, sales sales. Bring your ability to foster relationships, and close deals  as well as initiate new ventures. 

Creative Co-op Recruiter
 You understand creativity and technical know-how. You're aware of the power of black artistry. You enjoy bringing creatives together toward a common goal. Recruit the future of the future.

3D Designer
A form or shape able to shift into a dynamic experience. You love architecture and interiors, and regularly render scenes of grandeur and organic adventures. Versed in latest software. Great visual storyteller and design star.

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