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For this project, I stumbled upon a story that lives in the visual medium of society every day. The story of the homeless is one of the most unsung stories of time. Each story different, each individual with a voice. The probability of self inflicted wounds, the presence of a struggle, and the spirit tarnished by a past, present and future; the homeless have a story to tell, and it starts with a voice!

This Art Exhibits was created inside of a studio and was put on display during a city wide artist event in Detroit Michigan. In a matter of 3 days, I transformed a 10 x 12 blank space into a visual story of Detroit's most interesting citizens. The goal was to showcase the contrast between societies view of the homeless and their personal realities. 

detroit research.

the exhibit.

the mirror.

The human mind is a powerful thing. It constantly adjust to the realities presented to it. Unfortunately the reality daily presented to the homeless is that they are less than everyone else. Many of the people I interviewed inevitably began to view themselves as the way many of us view them. So much so that they don’t even recognize themselves in a mirror.

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